NS&E is exploring chemistry right now to prepare in building batteries from common parts. This is always a fun build because there are so many unique results with groups and the students enjoy seeing the differences. Every year I go to the bank to get a new batch of pennies to be cleaned using our process.

Flow chart of how to clean pennies using salt & vinegar solution

But this year when I opened the box of pennies from the bank I had a small problem…they were all new and straight from the mint!

a box of 25$ worth of pennies
25$ worth of pennies, surprisingly heavy!
an open box of 25$ worth of brand new pennies, very shiny orange-pink
25$ of brand new mint pennies – pretty, but not good for our activity
 closeup of fresh from the mint pennies, very shiny and orange-pink in color
Close up of pennies from the box of 25$

To be continued…