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95:180 Chemistry of Change pt. 1

NS&E is exploring chemistry right now to prepare in building batteries from common parts. This is always a fun build because there are so many unique results with groups and the students enjoy seeing the differences. Every year I go to the bank to get a new batch of pennies to be cleaned using our process.

Flow chart of how to clean pennies using salt & vinegar solution

But this year when I opened the box of pennies from the bank I had a small problem…they were all new and straight from the mint!

a box of 25$ worth of pennies
25$ worth of pennies, surprisingly heavy!
an open box of 25$ worth of brand new pennies, very shiny orange-pink
25$ of brand new mint pennies – pretty, but not good for our activity
 closeup of fresh from the mint pennies, very shiny and orange-pink in color
Close up of pennies from the box of 25$

To be continued…

46:180 Python Returns

Students worked today investigating how to write more sophisticated code by using modules and using example code to design their own. By “breaking” code we’ve been able to analyze what are the essential pieces needed to do tasks like calculating Gravitational Potential Energy or velocity if only energy information is known.

We had a late, but great, start to the year so far. We are finishing up our first unit “Balloon Pop” where students learn to work in teams, analyze data, and discuss the differences between precision and accuracy.


178:180 Tap, Tap, is this Mic on?

As per usual, the end of the year starts to fly by at an alarming rate. The students have done a great job with their final projects in telling the conservation of energy story through Rube Goldberg machines, calculations, and qualitative narration. This video is the trailer; full projects will be online next week.

153:180 Measurement of Ω

Students have been working with resistors, finding out how devices that use them can achieve different results: temperature adjustment, bright or dim lightbulbs, electrical circuit protection.  This also has allowed us to learn a different part of the multimeter.



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