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20/180 Breaking Down Complex Texts

After building the lightbulb using a carbon filament, we read about his experiments to enhance the ability of platinum to withstand high temperatures needed for incandescence.

It was an article that had difficult and unfamiliar vocabulary, so as a class we broke it down in the following way:

  1. Identified vocabulary that was unfamiliar, entered the words into a Google form
  2. Researched “top 30” words as identified by the classes using a Lib Guide created by WHS Library
  3. Created a custom glossary for the article
  4. Divided 6 key paragraphs and re-wrote them in small groups using the student created glossary
  5. Incorporated feedback on rough drafts through shared Google Doc
  6. Presented the “before” and “after” results

Students did a great job decoding the work and (hopefully) learned the value of working in groups when trying to read a difficult text.




91/180 Starting Term 3

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.36.28 PMIt’s been quiet lately due to the awesome effort the students have been putting into preparing for midterm exams. Today we started term 3, discussing Newton’s 2nd Law (N2L) while continuing with N3L and drawing FBD.

I wrote my notes and posted them through google classroom using Evernote, but then in class I liked what I drew on the board, and was able to amend my evernote file by adding a picture using my phone, this immediately propagated to Google Classroom through the link and all my students now have access to the information.


15/180 Digital Tools for Organization

Students have a myriad of online/connected/cloud based information that many of their teachers use; so not only are they learning the content of the course, but the digital navigation as well.

I use Google Classroom (and Google Drive) for much of my digital content. But Evernote offers a very fast way to share my work with my students. It has a scanner feature that works with a smartphone, much faster than finding a scanner for sharing my handwritten work.

This is an example of something we worked through in class first, then I shared my notes (using a unique URL posted in Google Classroom) with the students afterwords. Screenshot 2015-09-23 11.32.20

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