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15/180 Digital Tools for Organization

Students have a myriad of online/connected/cloud based information that many of their teachers use; so not only are they learning the content of the course, but the digital navigation as well.

I use Google Classroom (and Google Drive) for much of my digital content. But Evernote offers a very fast way to share my work with my students. It has a scanner feature that works with a smartphone, much faster than finding a scanner for sharing my handwritten work.

This is an example of something we worked through in class first, then I shared my notes (using a unique URL posted in Google Classroom) with the students afterwords. Screenshot 2015-09-23 11.32.20

3/180 Linearizing Data

Physics worked today to build bridges with non-linear data, we then averaged the data as a class and are learning how to recognize possible ways to linearize their data. (Panorama shot of C330)


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