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41/180 Observations

Somehow the month of October has come and gone!

Today we are working on a new build, “Building a Battery from Everyday Objects” Students prepped one of the materials for this build recently, and we discussed the process and the observations that they made during the process. These qualitative observations will then lead into our discussion of chemical reactions. 

Then after whiteboarding their observations we created a group document in Google Docs, allowing students to go back and reflect on observations that they either missed or failed to initially document.


123/180 Whiteboard Meeting

Physical Science is working on math rules for significant figures. Each group had a problem that they had to present to the class, show the work done, math rules, and calculator operations used.

2016-03-17 10.32.14 2016-03-17 10.32.20 2016-03-17 12.19.59 2016-03-17 12.20.57 2016-03-17 12.22.43

12/180 Whiteboard Map Challenge

Today we looked at the map boards created in Physics. Each group got another group’s board then had to figure out the : distance, displacement, avg. velocity, and avg. speed. As a change from presenting to the whole class, this time I walked to each group and had them present to me, their method for solving each piece. It allows me to ask more “how do you know” questions without putting students too much on the spot with their peers.


11/180 Do do Do do….

Today in Physical Science was Jeopardy Review (thanks for putting up a great google sheet template to modify and use!)

It was open note review, and the students worked together with whiteboards to come up with the right solution (in the form of a question)!


The competition was lively, and it came down to the wire (Final Jeopardy) for some classes (Go big or go home was a common theme)4KstfA5Bq6YHTo5TWTsjGWNmQwB8MAAFC4aIYBsh69w

The only thing that google sheets doesn’t (currently) do is make an outline form of the Q&A which MS Excel does – this makes it easy to share with the students post game, without having to print all the graphics.

8/180 Does “x” mark the spot?

After yesterday working with our variable speed cars to find average speed and instantaneous (fastest) speed:

2015-09-09 13.37.47 2015-09-09 07.52.15

We took that experience to start writing our own problems based on speed, average speed, and average velocity:
2015-09-10 13.35.20 2015-09-10 13.35.03Students had parameters of 5 steps, one negative step, and non-zero displacement. They then developed the scenario and found the speed of each leg, average speed of the journey, total displacement, average velocity, which they will give to another group to solve next class.


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