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133/180 Design Process Interview

While building boxes to fit a specific amount of sand with 5% extra space, each team had to have a design interview before they could proceed to build their final product.

During the interview I asked many questions about their process and asked for specifics about tools used, measurements made, and design ideas. While students were able to have their engineering journal for backup they had to conduct the interview face to face with me. Everyone did great!interview

130/180 Building Better Boxes

Creation is not easy, and creating on a spec is harder still. In Physical Science students are tasked to design, document, and test a box that they build for 400.g of sand with only 5% extra volume ±0.5%.


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114/180 Learn by doing

I’m fortunate to work with a great team of physical science teachers (hi Mrs. D’Onofrio, Mrs. Hilfinger, & Dr. Holmes!). So all of the curriculum we’re doing right now has been a group design & writing effort.

Learning measurement, observation, and documentation through building (boxes to hold sand to specific dimensions)is what 9th grade science is doing right now.  still life document build pour


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