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33/180 Plickers and Democracy pt. 2

What I am really liking about using a polling app such as Plickers is the feedback on what the students really know. This time I changed my tactic instead of me explaining the right answer, I was able to pick on someone “at random” that I know knew the right answer. This introduced some new voices to the conversation, and the students knew if I called on them, that they knew they had the right answer.

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22/180 Plickers: A Tool for Classroom Democracy

Traditional classroom model, a teacher asks a question, and the kids who are more quick to answer will have their voices heard. Those who need to think, don’t like to talk in class, etc. won’t get heard.

Using plickers gives a way to give a voice to everyone in the class. It records in real time what students think about a question that is posed. It will help me guide my teaching to give more practice to concepts that aren’t mastered, and move on from the ones that are mastered.


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