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103/180 Think (and write) like a scientist

Being an effective writer is an essential skill all students must show growth in accomplishing while in high school.  I really like engineering journals because they give students a place to highlight this growth over time. Soon we’ll do an exercise where they compare an engineering journal prompt (a synthesis question based on an activity or build) from the beginning of the year to now.

93/180 Back in Action

Students did a great job weathering the midyear exams, I was very proud of how they all took the experience seriously and worked very hard to demonstrate their knowledge.

Back in action this week with Natual Science and Engineering testing material properties, specifically carbon and it’s ability to be a resistor. Before we started measuring resistance we had to look at the materials each art pencil was made of (comparing the percentage of clay vs. graphite)

61/180 Writing it down

There have been many studies and articles about how students retain information long-term, and even with an increasingly digital presence, much of our student work is based on handwritten work.

To think like a scientist, documenting observation and keeping data we’ve had students keep an Engineering Journal, written in pen with dated entries.

Keeping all other work in their science binder – all the handouts and ephemera that come with taking a course.


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