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49/180 Ripped from the headlines

Physics is using “real” print articles for this unit about free fall – discussing what is “data” vs. what is “just numbers” and which to use in calculations. It was a good place to discuss “not eating candy you find on the ground” a concept touted by Rhett Allain, we discussed what would give you better outcomes vs. just using a number because it “fits”.

Also, it is a chance to work with real-world language; often textbooks have language that isn’t as authentic as what they might read in their daily lives. img_1243

51/180 And somethings you can’t model…without a really big field trip

So we’ve modeled free fall from a couple of different perspectives: knowing ∆y, t, final velocity, but we’ve always done Earth based problems. What about “g”?

Given a list of tools: bowling ball, tall tower (1000 m), radar speed detector, and a tape measure: students were asked to propose a procedure to find “g”. Once the procedure was approved, I gave them an incomplete set of “data” to work with to calculate “g”




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