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51/180 And somethings you can’t model…without a really big field trip

So we’ve modeled free fall from a couple of different perspectives: knowing ∆y, t, final velocity, but we’ve always done Earth based problems. What about “g”?

Given a list of tools: bowling ball, tall tower (1000 m), radar speed detector, and a tape measure: students were asked to propose a procedure to find “g”. Once the procedure was approved, I gave them an incomplete set of “data” to work with to calculate “g”




32/180 Online Study Group

We are trying out an online study group to accompany after-school help through Google Docs. I shared a document with all three of my Physical Science students through Google Classroom, that they can ask questions in (until a certain time!) and I’ll answer them as they appear.

 After the study group is closed, I made the group view only so that they could still access the file.

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