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29/180 Think like a scientist

One of the things I like about sketch noting is that it helps make things “stick” a bit better in my memory.

One thing that really resonated from the talk Dr. Eugina Etkina gave this summer that really resonates with me this year is about questioning. Making sure that the questions I ask in class are in reference to what they already know to help them move forward, instead of asking leading questions that work from our (teacher’s) experience. It’s a subtle difference, but one I try to work on every day. 29:180

21/180 Scenes from a Physics Teacher’s Desk


Today in Physics we worked on if given data can we build the X vs. T, V vs. T, and A vs. T graphs.  The nice thing about being able to scan my notes (via Evernote or the school’s copier) is that I can provide my notes to the students so they can see my work (after we work on it in class and then it’s posted on Google Classroom).  My new favorite pen is the Pilot Frixion pens, unlike the horrible erasable pens I had in 4th grade, these are really fantastic. They let me create multi-colored notes that I can fix without whiteout!

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