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23/180 The Difference Between Screwing Around and Science is…

And sometimes that writing it down takes more than one try. Writing with detail isn’t easy, and is something that needs to be refined and practiced.

Today after a first attempt at the Engineering Journal Reflection prompt “Edison and You” we took a second attempt in adding more detail to our original work.

It was an individual prewriting exercise as well, but we did it again today in a group, Venn Diagram: Edison & You. This time on whiteboards, we traveled from whiteboard to whiteboard editing, elaborating, and clarifying others ideas on this assignment. After which spent time rewriting the part of the prompt that needed more detail “Compare and Contrast the Work Edison did Creating a Light Bulb and Our Work Creating a Light Bulb”. Each color on the whiteboard was information from a different group.

We modified the traditional Venn Diagram shape from circles to overlapping squares so it would be easier to write details.



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