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9/180 Distracted “Driving”

Using cell phones, students texted each other with one hand while trying to catch a meter stick in the other.

I love this every year because of the difference the students find in their reaction times between distracted and undistracted situations.

5/180 Google Sheets

Students 10-12 this year have a choice in what device (iPad, Chromebook, Laptop) they use in class. This week we are taking our data from the first day bridge building, and learning how to linearize data. (didn’t have a picture from this year’s bridge building – so this is from 2015)2-180


31/180 Equations Last

1D Kinematics equations have been the steep hill students have had to climb getting into College Prep or AP Physics. Lots of variables, what do you use where, and lots of frustration.

This year I held off as long as I could before introducing the heavy-hitters of solving word problems. Lots of time spent on whiteboard observations of motion, graphing with and without numbers, and motion maps. Hopefully this “formula” will be a winner.

One of the best things teaching physics is the A-HA! moment when students feel they own the problem.


3/180 Linearizing Data

Physics worked today to build bridges with non-linear data, we then averaged the data as a class and are learning how to recognize possible ways to linearize their data. (Panorama shot of C330)


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