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74/180 Taking it further

After the students were *all* successful in launching their marbles through the hoop, I had them do some final analysis on their data.  Each group had different data, writing a step-by-step python trinket allowed them to check their work.


68/180 High & Low Tech

I am a big fan of drawing, writing, and sketchnotes, so it is no surprise when working with vectors with physics we went both high and low tech in the same class.

1.) Doceri & the projector was to give my short (10 minutes, tops) review of vectors and right triangle trig (which can be exported to PDF and then put on Google Classroom for students to review later)


2.) Out came the pencils, graph paper, and protractors. Proving to yourself that the math does work after you have done the measurements is very satisfying


3.) As a check for when they are at home I wrote this code and this code, using the line of code

ready=input(“when you are ready to check your work, type your answer”) pauses the program so the students can do step by step confirming their work (without it the program just calculates the answer)readyinput

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