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44/180 Working with everyday texts

fridayUsing a great article from Wired magazine ‘Samsung Isn’t the Only One with Lithium Ion Battery Problems. Just Ask NASA‘ (See GIF below from the article!) students worked together to research vocabulary, then write a summary of the important points.


My belief in using “everyday texts” as the basis for student reading is because very few of us read textbooks outside of our educational lives. If by using popular works we can connect students to key ideas, we are giving them the context of “why should I care?” without “the” question even ever being asked.

24/180 Descriptive writing takes work

Natural Science & Engineering has explored and decoded the original NYT article written by Edison about his experiments to create an incandescent light bulb. Now at the end of this unit we are going to revisit our build and write a vocabulary-rich summary of our work.


Students are investigating specific vocabulary words and drafting a paragraph based on their lightbulb investigation. Tomorrow we will refine and share our final drafts with the class.


14/180 Whiteboard presentation

OH “We can’t draw a beach, we don’t have a yellow marker”

Don’t worry, we have a yellow marker…

Physics did a good job with their first whiteboard share, some problems lend themselves to illustration more easily than others. Google Sheets is a great way to have the audience focus on what is being said, rather than furiously taking notes. They can refer to the gallery later through Google Classroom.


84/365 FBD & Teach your Neighbor

For homework all the students had a set of FBDs that they had to attempt for homework. Today in class each group got two FBDs to explain (one in motion, one at rest) then in small groups they taught what they learned to other groups. One idea was that since they were teaching multiple groups, that everyone in the group of 3-4 students had to explain the work.2016-01-13 08.55.41

50/180 Class discussions

I’m a big fan of group work, students had a day to work on these problems during class, then we met together to go through the mechanics of solving a freefall problem step by step.

The prep bench was a bit too much of a physical divide, so I put a second “big board” together with some binder clips and we were all able to sit around it and have a better conversation about free fall. Doing Pass-the-Pig each student added one piece of information to the grid/conversation. 50180

42/180 Setting up the problem

Working in 1D vertical motion problems (after doing an activity with reaction time and reading about an tape measure accident). Today we used whiteboards to set-up and solve problems in groups.

Each group starts with a problem (and a specific color) and found knowns & unknowns, they then switch to the next problem and find the formula needed, switch to the next to do the algebra, then the next where they solve, and to the final board where they check another groups work. (the original answer is covered up before they arrive to do the double-check)


Afterwards we had a discussion where groups went back to their original board and problems to share: What needed to be improved, what went well, and what was a technique or idea that they’d use on solving a problem like this in the future.

0H5Q1aM - Imgur


38/180 Finishing the discussion

Today we talked pictorially about what  happens during 1D vertical motion. Students with whiteboards worked together to first come up with ideas about this type of motion using any words  or symbols they wanted. Then as a class they discussed (passing the pig) with how it all should look. We didn’t have enough time to finish the discussion, so we continued it on line using a google form.

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